Carb Blockers

Which Carb Blockers Work Best?

That is the number one question that people are trying to figure out. Carb Blockers have been proven to help reduce weight and blood sugar levels in subjects through studies and tests, but how can you know if a product on the market will provide the same results for you?

How Do Carb Blockers Work?

Carb Blockers work by keeping an enzyme in your digestive tract from being able to break apart carbohydrates. The ingredient that is commonly used to do this is taken from White Kidney Beans.

Some of the better Carb Blockers will also contain Chitosan. This ingredient is similar to dietary fiber and passes through the digestive system without being absorbed. Along the way Chitosen can absorb 6 to 9 times its own weight in fat removing it from the body with your stool.

Side Effects of Carb Blockers

Gas: Carb Blockers tend to increase gas within the stomach caused by the inability to breakdown carbohydrates.

Upset Stomach: Usually caused by gas and cramping but some people report feelings of nausea at the same time.

Heart Burn: May be caused by the neutralizing of an enzyme found in the stomach.

Diarrhea: Due to the decrease in absorption of carbohydrates.

Vitamin Deficiency: Certain vitamins are fat soluble and need fat to be broken down such as vitamins A D E F and K. Vitamin Supplements should be taken at a different time of day then Carb Blockers. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids should also be taken at a separate time.

Finding a Carb Blocker That Works!

To help consumers find a Carb Blocker that works we have created a forum for people to express their opinions. We draw info from this information along with information from experts and studies to determine the best products on the market.

How We Rate Each Product

Effectiveness Company Reputation Speed of Results
Safety Formula Quality Consumer Reviews

What seems to seperate the best Carb Blockers from the rest is the ingredients. The Carb Blockers that provided the most weight loss results also contained other ingredients that reduced appetite and increased metabolism.

Below we have listed the best Carb Blockers on the market. These Carb Blockers provided the highest amount of weight loss for consumers while still being comparable in price to other Carb Blockers.

Adapexin-P Has been around for over a year now and has proven that it is one of the better diet pills on the market. Adapexin-P has been able to produce results for a large number of consumers and has a good standing for its customer service department.

  1. Blocks Carbs and Fat
  2. Supresses Appetite
  3. Increases Metabolism

There are few if any side effects associated with Adapexin-P and for how well this product works that is amazing. The only thing better than Adapexin-P is their  Lifetime Money Back Guarantee-not that you will need it!.

Get Adapexin-P for only $49.99 direct from the manufacturer

Phenphedrine is a very popular product among the younger croud for its energy jolt and its quick results. Phenphedrine is another product that has been on the market for over a year and has proven itself to be one of the better diet pills on the market.

  1. Increases break down of fat
  2. Blocks Carbs
  3. Increases Metabolism

Few products can compete with the strength and effectiveness of Phenphedrine. Phenphedrine combines a powerful assortment of ingredients to increase metabolism and break down fat. Phenphedrine has the ability to produce the most weight loss out of any diet pill on the market.

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